Welcome Home Enterprises, Inc.

My Testimonials

SERVICE!!! I GIVE YOU MORE THAN YOU EXPECT. I ask buyers and sellers to grade me after doing business together. Here's what they say...

P. Keys

"Doug made a process that we anticipated being very difficult very easy. He was always there when we needed him and always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. I'll be recommending him to my friends."

T. & D. McLelland

"Doug did an exceptional job of knowing right-off what we wanted and what styles we were looking for. When needed, he stepped right in with help and answers."

C. & K. Thompson

"Doug is always a pleasure to work with- His opinion means a lot to me-He's kind and helpful in every area of selling or buying. I've done both with Doug. No Problems-Doug was always very helpful."

Mr. & Mrs. Holland

"He always went the extra mile. He was always very prepared. He knew his real estate. Very knowledgeable, very nice. Never in a bad mood. Always had a smile. I could not ask for a more perfect salesperson."

S. McCuin

"Doug was wonderful! He took care of everything my husband and I needed, and could answer any questions we had! His caring is what was so wonderful. He was willing to work with us, knowing that we would have to be careful with our money since we were moving out of town. Also we were glad that it didn't take a long time to sell our house, so our family could be together again. I would recommend Doug to anyone who was selling a house because he does the best professional job!"

Mr. and Mrs. Bruorton

"Doug has gone out of his way on several occasions to render assistance to us and mediate with uncooperative sellers. While I was in Texas prior to moving, he assisted us with out-of-pocket funds so that we could come closer to acquiring the house we truly wanted. His biggest challenge was dealing with uncompromising sellers. He knew what had to be done and accomplished his goals in his own soft spoken and intelligent manner. He also saw that house repairs were initially coordinated and completed prior to closing. His easy-going and generous personality paved the way for us to buy the home we wanted. Bottom Line: Yep, we would do business with him again! His representation was exemplary and professional. On top of all this: He is an all around great guy!"

T. Brown

"Doug was very nice to my family and me. He showed genuine interest in our being informed at all times on the progress of selling our home. He gave us a couple of numbers, so it was possible to contact him with questions at any time. We really appreciate his hard work for us and will tell all our friends who are buying or selling in the future. He always had our best interest in mind. We couldn't be more satisfied!"

C. Fox

"Doug was just wonderful! We have already told some other friends about him and that they should use him. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. Your are really lucky to have him!"

R. & S. Wilks

"We had an exceptional experience. We listed our house with Doug on Monday evening and sold it on Thursday- 3 days!! Doug then handled all the closing details for us. He made the whole experience easy and more than pleasant. I would recommend Doug to anyone."

J.D. McGee

"Very professional, did everything he could to protect my interest."

V. Watkins

"Doug was always very polite and he worked hard to get us what we wanted for our house."

J. Dodson

"I've never bought a home before and Doug was very good about explaining things to me. Also if I still had some questions or problems Doug was very easy to contact and he helped me with my problems. I really am grateful for his help."

J. and L. Church

"Doug is a very personable person and we enjoyed working with him. He remembered to follow up on things that we may have forgotten. He also went the extra mile. We enjoyed working with a true professional."

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett

"Doug was exceptionally great in helping us find our home. He always returned our calls promptly and he worked extra hard in assisting us with necessary arrangements. He is an excellent Rep."

L. Corbit

"Doug was very professional and I appreciated his expertise in this field; he is very knowledgeable. I appreciate his help."

K. Beshears

"Doug's outstanding service and hard work paid off. It was a pleasure working with him."

M. Edmondson

"Doug Woodall was an excellent realtor. I couldn't have gotten a better realtor to help me find a home. I would recommend Doug Woodall to anyone, for great service!!!"

J. & L. Woodell

"We were well pleased with Doug's representation when he sold our home. We had listed our home 3 years ago, with another realtor, and had no response- no offers and doubted whether our house would sell. We took Doug's advice on how to present and price our home and were pleased when we began to get offers the first week the real estate advertisement was published. The sale went through in a smooth and timely manner and time was very important to us. Since the sell of our home went through so quickly we had put no preparation or research into buying a new home and here again we were really surprised that Doug was able to help us find a great new home in a really short amount of time. Things really couldn't have gone better."

L. Wall

"Mr. Woodall was very helpful and made the sale of my home much easier for me. If the time ever comes I buy another home I will contact Mr. Woodall."

Mr. and Mrs. Farrell

"Doug was great! He advised us and assisted with the sell of our home. Our home sold very quickly- we had 2 offers in two weeks and we accepted one. He is very honest. Everything he told us was accurate. Our home sold so quickly that we had not found a home or place to live. Doug was very patient. He spent a lot of time helping us try to find a home. He stayed in constant contact."

R & P Hunter

"Doug, Thank you for your help in selling our house and finding our new home. You are so easy to talk with and don't ever pressure a client. You did so many "little" extras to accommodate us. Thanks, too, for the beautiful gifts. We really appreciate your professionalism."